We began this mission with 'Believe' and 'Power of Faith' as our only weapon; unwary of what future will unfold. Mr.Purvish Patel has inspired us in a special way through his approach to life. His generosity and compassion for humanity has been the motivation behind this noble outcome. It is our responsibility to follow the path he has shown to us - to help the people in need; to do something for humanity. In India, there are over 80 million children living in poverty. They are deprived of even the basic needs like food and shelter. With the establishment of Navnirman Charitable Trust, we hope to bring a positive change for these children and the people who are devoid of basic needs.

There is nothing greater than being able to help the people in need. If we can transform even 1 life for the better, then we believe our efforts have paid off. Our mission is to reach out to maximum people possible and attend to their needs. If our effort can benefit someone, why not take the initiative and move forward. Very often we tend to ignore the poor, may be due to lack of time or may be we think it's none of our business. We depend on the Government and the NGOs to help the poor. We should realize that if our society is to grow, we have to help the needy - uplift them to the level where they will be self-dependent and will be counted as a respectable member of the society.

Today, the greatest challenge in our mission lies in persuading and convincing individuals that 'Change' is possible. A small contribution from you will not effect you, but it can be of great help to the needy. One kind gesture from you can bring drastic changes in our society. On this day, we stand privileged that we are in a state to help others; we consider this the biggest blessing in our lives. It is our vision to eradicate poverty from our society, to help the downtrodden and uplift them to a level where they will be self-sufficient and have a respectable life, to educate them to be a responsible member and a harbinger of change. Through this foundation, we wish to provide a platform of growth and development to the needy and create an avenue of hope for a better future.

We would like to extend special thanks to all the NCT Fans, our development partners, staffs, well-wishers and friends for their passion, commitment, and financial support, as without their help and support this foundation would not have been able to work wonders.

Your support is deeply appreciated and we hope you will continue to shower your kindness upon this foundation to help it grow and work for humanit.

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